She graduated from Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine in 2002. She completed his compulsory service between 2002-2006 and worked in Istanbul until 2010. She worked in the public sector until 2014 and established her own clinic in Antalya in 2014.

She completed GETAT Ozone Therapy and Training Programs at Medipol University. Doctor Güngör Kırmızıgül, who has participated in many educational and scientific congresses in the field of medical aesthetics in domestic and abroad, is doing a Master of Medical Aesthetics at the University of Camerino / Italy.

She is a member of the Medical Aesthetic Medicine Association (MESTDER).
She is the mother of two daughters, Eylul and Ekin.

She provides services in Antalya with the principle of making them feel better physically by identifying the needs and wishes of her patients in a wide age range from the 20s to the advanced ages.