Thulium Laser Baby Face BeautyPlus

Baby Face (Thulium Laser) application, which aims to eliminate the damage caused on the skin over the years, is an effective skin rejuvenation and renewal application that allows the components needed by the skin to penetrate into the lower layers of the skin. Baby Face (Thulium Laser) application, which aims to repair the skin from its lower layers, targets the skin repair process with the application of vital serums to the skin.

Baby Face (Thulium laser) application is an effective application that we can call one of the most advanced technologies among present day laser technologies. It allows the nourishing ingredients applied to the skin through the microchannels opened with the thulium laser it contains, to better penetrate the skin. In Baby Face (Thulium Laser) treatment, an effective new generation skin rejuvenation application, special dermocosmetic ampoules with effective content are used. These dermocosmetic ampoules, which care for the damaged skin by providing the necessary repair, allow the skin to be taken care of from the inside out.

The Baby Face (Thulium Laser) application is a thulium laser system, which is effectively used to treat many different skin deformations such as brown spots caused by aging, spots caused by exposure to excessive sunlight, fine wrinkles, skin tone disorders, skin slackness and the rejuvenation of the decollete area, is a high-tech procedure that delivers maximum relief from skin problems.

The Baby Face (Thulium Laser) application, which is pain and ache free is applied in a clinical environment without the need for anesthetic creams and is the most suitable environment for the absorption of these ampoules, which the skin needs, and supports the healing of the skin from the inside out.

Baby Face (Thulium Laser), an advanced skin care application, does not interrupt social life, the patient can easily return to his social life and continue his daily routines after the procedure.

The Baby Face (Thulium Laser) application, which is a suitable method for everyone who struggles with skin deformations and cannot get the result they want with classical skin care, is a safe and comfortable procedure and its effects are visible in a short time.

In the Baby Face (Thulium Laser) application, which is applied in sessions, the number of sessions varies from patient to patient.